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Post-Covid, the thoughts of a Swiss Tour Operator

About Us, News.

Post-Covid, the thoughts of a Swiss Tour Operator

About Us, News.

In these post-Covid days, we have received a nice message from a Swiss Tour Operator, we share the mood of it as it expresses the will of getting back to travel in a relaxed and easy way. That’s what we all look forward in order to leave behind the tough lockdown.

«Things look good in Switzerland. The weather is great, people are out in the streets. Chances are good that the swiss will be traveling again very soon and that is the reason for this message. We get lots of mails from hotels, agents, ministries informing us about the steps they are taking to create a safe anti-COVID environment.

The post-COVID desires of travellers

Well, this is definetely not what Swiss travellers will be looking for. Here life is back to normal and travellers will definetely not want to be greeted by a masked driver, masked receptionist and served by a masked waiter. The travellers want to see peoples faces and look for a holiday experience that is close to the one they are used to.

At the arrival they will prefer hospitality– like a «great to see you» message instead of being handed a mask and they would prefer a glass of wine with dinner instead of a bottle of desinfectant… well – if you insist you can do that on top of the wine!»

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