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The festivals of Senegal, between Jazz and local traditions


The festivals of Senegal, between Jazz and local traditions


The festivals of Senegal allow you to discover unique pearls of the African territory, such as the many music festivals that take place on the continent. In Senegal, for example, takes place “Saint Louis Jazz“, the best-known event on the subject that attracts fans of jazz and African music. Furthermore, the use of masks is preserved in the villages of Casamance.

In addition to the main festivals, with national and international relevance, we must remember all the local festivals that take place in the various villages especially during the harvest period. In Casamance, animistic societies keep the tradition of dancing masks alive, which are respected by everyone as they are considered an expression of the Spirits. Sacred masks still play an important role in regulating and resolving conflicts between villagers.

The festivals of Senegal in our travels in Africa

Senegal abounds with lively festivals and events, most of which are also wonderful showcases for Senegalese music and art. For example, the arrival of the new year is largely celebrated with music during the “Festival Abéné” and with a series of acoustic blues concerts during the “Les Blues du Fleuve” festival. While contemporary artists, from all over the African continent, take the opportunity to show their talent during the “Dak’Art Biennale“, held every two years.

The Dak’Art Biennale is a lively and colourful event that takes place in Dakar every two years. The festival attracts contemporary artists from all over Africa, who can show their works to the galleries, including paintings and sculptures, performances and other masterpieces.

In May the city of St Louis hosts one of the largest African jazz festivals: the St Louis Jazz Festival. Each year the program includes the participation of at least 30 new artists, who over the years have included legends such as Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock, to name just two. The festival has expanded its offerings to include blues, soul and rap music concerts that take place in various locations around the city. A tip from TransAfrica: cruises along the Senegal River are certainly the most romantic way to enjoy these unforgettable concerts!

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