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Tours to Benin, the smart people from the land of Voodoo


Tours to Benin, the smart people from the land of Voodoo


Tours to West Africa also include the voodoo country par excellence, Benin. It is a small country that overlooks the Gulf of Guinea, between Togo and Nigeria. Benin offers the opportunity to experience the African savannah in an authentic way and experiencing at the same time the country’s natural and anthropological charm.

Tours to Africa with TransAfrica

TransAfrica takes you to discover true Africa. The stay in Benin includes a stop in Ouidah where  the heritage of foreign colonizers is still visible and yet it is still regarded as one of the most “African cities”. Indigenous beliefs and traditions continue to live and thrive: numerous religious anniversaries are held there, celebrated with songs, tamtams and dances. Voodoo was born somewhere between the villages of Ouidah and Abomey, and the African inhabitants of the Caribbean, led overseas as slaves since the 16th century, have preserved the rites to this day.

Abomey, on the other hand, is famous for the palace-museum dedicated to the kings who ruled over this valiant people. Guided tours are carried out inside the well-restored building, during the tours it is possible to admire the objects belonging to the dynasty that has reigned in the country since the sixteenth century. The museum is a living testimony of the artistic heritage of Benin, inside it is possible to admire statues, bas-reliefs, furniture, thrones, tapestries, and much more.

The “tata” and the village of Ganvie

Continuing on the Atakora mountains, the “tata“, the famous houses typical of the Somba ethnic group, will enchant you. The “tata” are built in clay and mud, in the shape of small castles on several floors, surrounded by cultivated fields. The life of these populations (Tamberma, Betammaribe, Bessoribe, Betiabe, Wama) is characterized by ancient traditions: for example, they still practice archery hunting and children turn into men only if they go through a long initiation which will make them the owners of a traditional “tata”.

Travel to Africa also means discover. With TransAfrica, thanks to the short excursions of the coastal cities of Benin you can get to the village of Ganvié. The latter is entirely built on bamboo stilts that emerge from the water and the visit becomes a unique opportunity to get in touch with the daily life of the inhabitants. The fishermen are very welcoming and love to show their fishing system, as they smoke fish right next to their homes and take advantage of it to show visitors some handicrafts they produce.

The smart people

The people of Benin have always been considered smart due to an innate sense of emancipation and ability in giving speech typical of women, men and children. Women enjoy a strong social emancipation, they are known for their determination, a reputation that dates back to the last century with the armies of Amazons in the service of the King of Abomey. Even today, this strong character helps them in business: you can see this especially in the markets, where they reign as undisputed patron because of their physical prowess, their innate authority and the magnificence of their clothes. This situation pushes men to want not to be outdone, so they assiduously attend schools and push their children to obtain a good cultural level.

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