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Travel to Morocco with TransAfrica, discover the history of the country


Travel to Morocco with TransAfrica, discover the history of the country


Travel to Morocco across the desert dunes: an adventure to be experienced on 4×4 vehicles. Located in the westernmost part of the “Maghred” region of the Arab world, translatable precisely in the “west”, Morocco faces the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar in the northern part and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. It borders with Algeria and Mauritania in the south.

Morocco has two large mountain ranges. The Rif chain close to the Mediterranean coast, and the Atlas chain with peaks over 4000 meters above sea level, crossing the whole country from north to south. Coming to the southernmost part of the country, you come across the great Sahara desert.

Travel to Morocco, discover the Saharan desert

In the country, the climate is characterized by a wide range of climatic types. The coastal regions have a maritime climate: the differences between the coldest month (January) and the warmest month (August) are attenuated thanks to the presence of the marine masses. Proceeding inward, the thermal differences between the two months become more and more accentuated. The rains decrease towards south and east.

TransAfrica’s tours to Morocco lead you to discover unspoiled nature. The country’s flora is essentially Mediterranean: maquis in the coastal strip, steppe and forest vegetation on the mountainous area of ​​the Rif and the other chains. In the coastal plains on the Atlantic, cork oak forests are preserved, a stopping point for migratory birds. The fauna, however, was once characterized by jackals, hyenas, wild boars, today it is very impoverished. There are numerous birds, such as the stork and the bee-eater, and the reptiles. Large forest areas are protected by national parks, plus a coastal one that includes the lagoon and the wadi of Sous Massa, with oryx and gazelles.

More than natural tourism

65% of the population is made up of Arabs and Berbers, plus many smaller groups. The Arab conquest and occupation influenced the previous Berber society, however they managed to keep their language, tradition, customs and art. Art is manifested above all in the geometric decoration of carpets, pottery and in the manufacture of silver objects. Arabic language and Muslim religion have spread and the Berber population is now bilingual. The official language is therefore Arabic. A very common foreign language is French. The prevailing religion is Islamism, which is flanked by small Catholic and Jewish minorities.

In recent years, Morocco has established itself as one of Africa’s major tourist destinations. The most visited destinations are the so-called imperial cities (Fès, Marrakech, Meknès and Rabat) and the Sahara desert. Tourism is varied, depending on your wishes. The country offers cultural, natural tourism (from the snowy peaks of the mountain ranges to the Sahara desert) or seaside tourism with the wonderful Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches.

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