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Gloria Soriani’s trip to Morocco and Mauritania: following her adventure with TransAfrica

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Gloria Soriani’s trip to Morocco and Mauritania: following her adventure with TransAfrica

About Us, News.

Gloria’s trip to Morocco and Mauritania with TransAfrica. Following her story about a special adventure in Africa with us.

Most of my trips to Africa, with my partner, have always excluded the western part because, being us in love with snorkelling, we were looking for countries where we could have the reef. Unforgettable journeys, the two of us alone. When he died in 2007, I started traveling alone, or, where it was not possible, in a group. It was on a journey as such that a member of the group told me about the beauty of the West Africa, and advised me, out of experience, to contact TransAfrica.

I started checking the itineraries and descriptions on their website, and I convinced myself to try this new experience, also because I have read that the agency had been founded in the 1980s by an Italian, Alberto. So I made the first trip to Morocco and Mauritania. It was such a beautiful experience, that I wanted to repeat some time later by participating in the part I had not visited of the Great Expedition: 19 exciting days from Marrakesh to Mauritania. I was lucky to have Alberto Nicheli as my guide, whom I had met at a meeting in Bologna and whom I had greatly appreciated for his sympathy and great knowledge of the world and cultures of West Africa.

And then the last trip in chronological order, last year, to Togo, Benin and Ghana, on the occasion of the Odwira and Akwaidae Kesse festival, in Kumasi, celebrating the anniversary of the reign of the Ashanti King, an unforgettable event. I had added another 6 days in Ghana, alone, with the guide, and it was a great opportunity! Sena, the African guide who spoke excellent Italian, was a true friend to me, a solid relationship was created, I had the opportunity and the privilege of meeting his family who still lives in Ghana, and, thanks to his interest, I had the opportunity to attend a female initiation rite, which was not included in the program. I am very grateful to TransAfrica and to him. Through Sena, once back home, I raised funds among friends to help a school in a village, and Sena, when Coronavirus broke out in Italy, wrote me looking forward to hear from me, showing an affection and sensitivity that moved me.

I advise those who are curious to meet ethnicities and cultures so different from us to definitely get in touch with TransAfrica, for their competence, organization, foresight in the choice of local collaborators. You will not regret it!

Gloria Soriani

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