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Travellers know that the quality of travel is also given by the guide. TransAfrica has always invested in the training of capable guides. Expert in logistic management and anthropological knowledge. We organize trainings every year in our offices in Lome and Dakar.
All the staff also has a first aid certificate, which is regularly renewed every year.

Most of our countries require entry visas. Here is the current situation (2020) from north to south. If a visa is required, the number of entries must also be specified
Morocco, visa not required for many nationalities including citizens of the European Union.
Mauritania: visa required. It can be obtained at the border post, cost around 80 euros.
Senegal: visa not required for many nationalities including the United States, Canada and the European Union. For other nationalities a visa is required, please check at the embassy / consulate of reference
Gambia: for some nationalities visa is not required, for other visas obtainable at the border; in some cases, an invitation letter is required
Guinea Bissau: visa required. Obtainable upon arrival at the airport or consulate in Ziguinchor (Senegal)
Guinea Conakry: visa required. Available online:
Sierra Leone: visa required. Available at the border (cost 100 USD).
Liberia: visa required, issued by the embassy.
Ivory Coast: visa required. Available online: i. But the online visa is valid only if you enter the country through Abidjan airport. For any other entry, a visa issued by the embassy is required.
Ghana: visa required. The visa is issued only at the competent embassy / consulate in the country of residence.
Togo: visa required. Available at the border and valid for 7 days.
– Benin: visa required. Available online:

Yellow fever: mandatory in almost all destination.
Few years ago, the WHO has decided that ONE vaccination against yellow fever is valid for the entire life. You need to travel with a vaccination record.
In the event that for personal and / or age reasons, it is no longer possible to make the vaccine, it is necessary to present a declaration of exemption by your physician.
Malaria prophylaxis is highly recommended.


Casual and light clothes are recommended: cotton shirts, long and short trousers, comfortable footwear. There are no rules to be observed. Common sense and respect for others are useful attitudes in West Africa as everywhere in the world.

The sense of modesty is a cultural aspect that does not always coincide from one population to another.

If a festival with the Ashanti king (Ghana) is scheduled for the trip, a simple but decorous dress is recommended.

November-December: cooler nights in some countries

Not to forget: towel, hat, sunglasses, flashlight with spare battery, water bottle, personal pharmacy, insect repellent, hygienic wipes, sunscreen, moisturizers, cocoa butter for lips. It may be useful: a Swiss knife, sewing kit.

Depending on the latitudes, the dry season and therefore good for travelling  goes from October / November to April / May.

July and August are also good periods for travel.

In December / January, Harmattan blows, a wind from the desert: the air becomes drier and cooler evenings.

International flights to our destinations are not included in the prices

Not included. Mandatory for medical assistance, repatriation, material and physical damages. We are not responsible for any material and physical damage during the tour.

See our proposal for insurance coverage:

Twin rooms (two beds apart) are very limited. Please check the availability with TransAfrica when booking.

In some countries they do not exist at all.

It depends on where you go, who you go with and what you do. Africa is not dangerous, no more than other continents. The important thing is to rely on trained and serious operators, such as TransAfrica, who makes safety a constant concern.

The populations of West Africa are very friendly. You are always greeted with great kindness and a high sense of hospitality. Nonetheless we recommend to everyone the utmost attention especially in the most lively places such as markets. In particular it is recommended to pay attention to hand luggage and photographic equipment in any circumstances. If there is a theft, a report must be made to the nearest police station.

Bottled mineral water available practically everywhere.

In all the countries proposed by TransAfrica it is possible to eat cereals, vegetables, fruit. TransAfrica chefs are trained to meet the expectations of vegetarian travellers.

Credit card is almost never accepted. Useful for withdrawing cash from ATMs

Our guides will assist you in the exchange process. Better to travel with Euros rather than dollars. For daily expenses (drinks, tips …) it is important to use the local currency

We recommend traveling with a universal adapter

The countries we visit have almost 100% coverage. You can also buy a local Sim Card.

Often there is the temptation to give money to children, seeing them in difficulty, badly dressed, or when they ask openly. But giving them money directly is likely to do more harm than good, because the amount a Westerner is able to give often represents more than the child’s father earns in a month at once. And this can create harmful imbalances in relationships.

The traditional festivals proposed by TransAfrica are genuine, and not “for tourists”. This is indeed a “trademark” of TransAfrica: to offer travellers the opportunity for a still genuine contact with the daily reality of the ethnic groups they meet.

Considering the special nature of the journeys, some parts may be modified due to unpredictable factors and are based on unarguable decisions of the local guide. Costs originated from such variations will be sole responsibility of the participants. Of course, the guide will do his/her utmost to adhere to the original program.

Tipping is commonly recognized as a way to reward guides and drivers for their service. Given the different origin of our travellers, TransAfrica does not have a single proposal, which may seem high for some and limited for the others. We remain available for suggestions, upon request.