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Travel Philosophy, Ethics and Excellency

TransAfrica rises from a passion for Africa and for travelling, enriched, over the years, with professionality.

Originality and passion

We are the first company which has organized tours and expeditions to West Africa, focusing, since the beginning, on the large and unknow cultural heritage and tribal festivals.

Transparency and honesty

Our prices are transparent, all inclusive to avoid any unpleasant discovers.

West Africa Specialists

Our tours rise from in-depth and ongoing research on the field and therefore, cover the whole West Africa.


It is our main concern : we strongly believe that the safety of our clients and our staff must be assured in any possible ways.

Knowledge & Respect

We create friendly bonds with traditional chiefs, fetish priests and the local tribes.

Social Sustainability

Employing our local staff all year long guarantees them and their families a sustainable future and the best quality of services.

Africa within a crocodile

Between land and water reigns an ancient creature: the crocodile, metaphor of the Earth’s mysteries and guardian of the underground lands. A double nature which makes the people of Bazoulè, in Burkina Faso, love it. According to the legend, the crocodile has prevented the people of Bazoulè from dying of thirst and so it is regarded as a hero by local communities.

TransAfrica has adopted the crocodile as its own mark to represent the mystical and more spectacular Africa, features that characterize every TransAfrica’s Tour and offer travelers unforgettable experiences.

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Ancient rituals, ceremonies, dances, sacred masks, traditional festivals, contemporary and large music events mix one another.

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