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An excellent team

TransAfrica is run by an European and African team to grant sense of organization and warm hospitality.

Alberto Nicheli

Alberto Nicheli, italian, is the founder of TransAfrica. He has done his first Trans-Sahara expedition in 1972 and he has been living in Togo since 1985. Passionate about adventure, he runs the TransAfrica’s Great Expedition. He is the nomadic spirit of the company and every year he goes on a journey to discover new itineraries. He is an expert of African art and knows local traditions, he has organized most of the ground operations of Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher while working on the book African Ceremonies and the related articles published by National Geographic; a documentary on the salt caravan made by Discovery Channel; archaeological and ethnographic expeditions about Tuareg and cave paintings and he has led the expeditions Taoudenni-Oualata and Taoudenni-Chinguetti between Mali and Mauritania.

Roberto Cerea

Roberto Cerea, Italian, married to a Togolese woman and father of two children, expert in ethnology and author of a few publication about African traditions, he led the research and the logistic of numerous National Geographic Television documentaries, Public National Radio and RAI.

Our Team

Alberto and Roberto are supported by a team of collaborators who enrich TransAfrica with experience and knowledge, making TransAfrica the best in the field.

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At the office in Lome (Togo):

Elisabeth, Office Manager and responsible for the accounting. She is French and she has been living in Togo since 1991; she has participated in several journeys through West Africa. Elisabeth speaks English and French.

Gabriele, an African culture and art lover with a professional relationship with TransAfrica since 2003. He is in charge of operations. He speaks English, French and Italian.

Nadège, Togolese, secretary and accountant, she works in collaboration with Elisabeth . She speaks French and English, as she has studied in Ghana.

Fafa, Togolese, she speaks French and English . She works at the office and oversees the bookings and the follow-up of the Tours. With great care, she keeps contacts with hotels. Her main quality is patience.

Edem, accounting assistant, oversees the relation with the tax administration office and the labor institutions to ensure the good management of the company. Originally from Tsévié, Togo, and father to three children; passionate about football (unconditional fan of Barca), music and travel.

In Senegal and Guinea Bissau:

Francisca, Spanish but, in fact, polyglot. She has lived in the southern region of Senegal, Casamance, since 2003 and assures the support and logistics for all the trips that take place between Senegal and Guinea Bissau.

Adama, Senegalese, he holds a Bachelor Degree in Management at Université Catholique de l´Afrique de L´ouest UCAO and a Master Degree in Finance and Management at the University from West Africa. He oversees the accounting of TransAfrica Senegal.

In Italy:

Eleonora, Italian. She speaks French, English and Spanish. She got a diploma at the touristic institute and she assists the costumers with their bookings and visa-related issues.

Our guides on the field:

Armstrong, despite his young age, he is already a specialist, something that many of our German-speaking groups have been pleased to experience. He speaks French, German and English.

Sena, Togolese who has lived in Ghana for many years, so he is familiar with many local languages. With him, you will never feel lost. He also speaks French, Italian and English.

Amédée, has been working with TransAfrica for more than 10 years. Originally from Ouidah region in Benin, he passionately accompanies our groups, which are always more than happy about his guidance. Other than many different local languages, he speaks fluently English and French. His energy and curiosity make him a great “travel mate” !

Noah, Togolese, has been guiding groups in Togo, Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast for years. He has worked on the documentaries for the National Public Radio. He speaks French and English. He is assisting the office by managing relations with authorities and Tourism Boards.

Egbatao, born in Kpéwa, North Togo, he speaks English and German. Before devoting himself to the tourism, he used to work at the Goethe Institut and at the Ministry of the Environment. He is dynamic and warm-hearted, involved in social work with children and passionate about photography,  audiovisual industry and dance.

Ousmane, Senegalese from Saint-Louis, raised up in Dakar where he graduated and learned English at the American cultural Centre before starting as eco-guide job at the Bandia reserve in 2002. In 2019 he discovered TransAfrica and began his fruitful collaboration as guide. He speaks English, French and Wolof.

Ben has spent his childhood between Togo and Holland where he ended up his studies. Back to his home country he opened a computer company and then met TransAfrica. He speaks Dutch, French and English. His freshness and enthusiasm make him the perfect travel companion to experience Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Janvier, who started as a guide in the Abomey Museum and has now a great expertise in trips from the Coast to the Sahel. He is also an expert in the Voodoo religion. En 2009, he was nominated as one of the 10 best guides by Explore Travelers. He speaks French and English.

Yao, from Ghana, expert guide of Ghana; the guide who knows everything about his home country and tell stories and information with great passion.

François, he was born in Togo and he from the Ewé ethnic group. He speaks French, German and English. He loves telling stories from the African tradition and listening to gospel music.

Inocencio, from Guinea Bissau he speaks English, French, Portoguese and Creol. He lives in Bissau and leads groups in Senegal and Guinea Bissau. He has the figure of a basketball player of the NBA. Responsible and serious, clients enjoy travelling with him.

Augusto, Guide based in Bissau, he is the best representative of the young generation of guides of his country. He speaks Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish. His smile captures the sympathy of all our travelers.

Yves, Togolese, graduated in German language, he speaks as well French, Ewe, Ouatchi and other local dialects. He started to be trained as a guide for TransAfrica in late 2011. Then, in 2013 he started leading groups on his own, showing the qualities of an excellent guide. His name, Komi, meaning that he was born on Saturday.

Alioune, from Senegal,  very professional guide, speaking French, English, and local languages. Dynamic and friendly. Passionate, great knowledge of the geography, culture and tribes of his country and eager to share all this information.

Our drivers:

Yaya, young and dynamic, tireless when he is driving.

Jean, kind and helpful, he is the ideal travel-mate.

Abdoulaye, known for his patience and professionalism; former lorry driver, he is very careful at the wheel.

Abalo, Togolese, courageous, dynamic and solid young driver.

Amadouri, great driver. In charge  of our bus for more than 5 years, he knows all the roads of Guinea Bissau, Gambia and Senegal. Careful and safe driving. He is not just a driver; he has a keen eye on everything that happens during the trip.

Sam, originally from Kpalimé, Togo, father of 4 children; pleasant and smiling, always ready to set off again, driving his minibus.

Sessi, from the Kpalimé region, Togo, he started out as an assistant driver and little by little he has accumulated enough experience to become a driver in all respects.

Our Garage

Our office in in Lome has its own garage in order to guarantee the maintenance of our vehicles, minibus & 4WD equipped with air conditioning. Our garage is the way we assure that our vehicles are in the best conditions and are safe for crossing West Africa.

Adji, Togolese, knows how to solve all the mechanicals problems that can occur on African roads.

Ancient rituals, ceremonies, dances, sacred masks, traditional festivals, contemporary and large music events mix one another.

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