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Experience traditional ceremonies and discover peoples with unknown costumes and traditions living in remote villages where the arrival of strangers is a unique event. Led by experts of West Africa.

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    Explore West Africa with TransAfrica

    Why West Africa?
    West Africa offers a great variety of still vibrant tribal cultures; out of the beaten tracks, discovering countries where the mass tourism has not arrived yet and meeting local communities is an authentic experience with a luxurious African vegetation as background.

    To discover West Africa with us mean safe itineraries together with expert and professional guides with more than thirty years’ experience. Ancient rituals, ceremonies, dances, sacred masks, traditional festivals together with contemporary art and music…

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    We frequently propose new tours, lets discover them together !

    Africa within a crocodile

    Between land and water reigns an ancient creature, the crocodile, symbol of the mysteries of life on earth and guardian of life underground.

    TransAfrica makes the crocodile its trademark to represent the mystical and spectacular side of Africa that characterises each of its journeys.

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