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The festivals of Togo to celebrate the cycles of life and seasons


The festivals of Togo to celebrate the cycles of life and seasons


Travel to Africa with TransAfrica and flight to Togo, in the ideal time for the country’s festivals. Each population celebrates the cycles of life and seasons according to their own rituals. In particular: the Epe Ekpe Festival, in Glidji, which inaugurates the Mina year; the initiation rites in the Kabye mountains; harvest celebrations such as the great Bassar yam festival.

Every year in the village of Glidji, members of the Guen ethnic group (also called Mina) gather together for the Epe Epke Festival: on the one hand family reunification, on the other New Year, on the other still religious worship. The fulcrum around which the festival takes place is a stone, sought by a priest in the sacred forest. The colour of the stone will predict the fate of the year to come. The blue stone announces a year of rain and abundant harvests. If it will be red it will be a year of wars, the black stone is an omen of famine, devastating diseases and rains and, finally, the white stone indicates that the year will be blessed with luck and ‘abundance.

Voodoo celebrations in Togo: tours to Africa

Throughout the coast of Benin and Togo, voodoo is the main religion, passed on by the ancestors and still practiced. This religious is much richer and more complex than what Westerners believe, according to whom voodoo is just a form of black magic. Instead, it is a religion that gives meaning and order to the lives of millions of people, here and elsewhere in the world.

During your trip you will attend ceremonies in the cities and villages where, at the rhythm of percussions and songs, the invoked Voodoo take possession of some followers, giving rise to authentic trance manifestations. Everywhere healers treat the sick on herbs and sacrifices on the many altars that fill their courts. And again, you will get to know the oracles that practice the “Fa”, an esoteric divination technique that combines proverbs, images, ability to intuit, interpret and explain.

Dance of Fire, traditional festival of the Tem population

At the heart of the village a large fire lights up those present who start the dance at the fast pace of the drums. The dancers in a trance state throw themselves into the embers, take them in their hands, put them in their mouths almost to swallow them, they pass them everywhere on the body without bringing any burns or showing signs of pain.

With TransAfrica and its tours in Africa you can witness things never seen before, observe and try to understand the uniqueness of the African continent and its populations.

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