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About Us, News.


About Us, News.

At TransAfrica, social sustainability is not a slogan to be flaunted, but a tangible reality. The permanent year-round employment of the majority of our staff (not just seasonally contracted during the peak tourist months), guarantees them and their families a sustainable future.

 We have always been supporters of local employment. Convinced that professionalism is the most concrete guarantee of economic development in the realities of where we operate, every year we organize trainings for our guides, collaborators and other interested individuals. We cover topics such as: guiding techniques, psychology, dynamics of group management, respectful behaviour of the tribes we visit, relationships with hotels and authorities, history of Africa, culture and traditions, anthropology, and last but not least, how to manage and avoid security problems. The trainings are led by experts via conferences, theoretical lessons, films, debates, and also field exercises and simulations.

In collaboration with the Red Cross, we organize three days of advanced first aid and resuscitation training (though this year, 2020, this has been postponed). The trainings and courses are totally free, and in addition, we provide: transport to the training sites, food, hotel accommodation and basic necessities; we also sponsor language courses for our guides. This year, due to the current situation, the training was done online and by video conferences.

We have a doctor available to employees, free of charge, and we reimburse a part of any medical and surgical care needed by them or their families. TransAfrica finances a special fund to offer interest-free loans to our employees and to cover their children’s schooling costs. We firmly believe that a healthy and satisfied staff will be engaged to give a better service to our guest.

Alberto Nicheli
TransAfrica Founder

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